Monday, 17 April 2017

"Exergue XIV" from The Tryst of Thetica Zorg by Daniel Y. Harris

Orb Oran hires a vivisectionist. Beet and apple pectin aid
blood clotting for bricolage. By sputum, eikons gap binaries.
Dodo mode pricked in ersatz. That’s a crock. A zaum
for the noetic gift? Salvador Dracu removes the seal
         from Astroglide. Stock prices soar on dildotectonics,
while words sink in slovo kak takavoe. Waxy stalactites 
drip vaginal fluids. Queering objects for gender fluidity,
Orb codifies hacktivists with boiled plasma. Nanodiscs
recognise neoantigens and kill them. Trepeins spawn
linctus with spikes. Staccato logic’s a fleur du mal 
whose encryption login is y = m + n – two variables. 
         Who better for hagiography than a hacktivist? 
Adonis is slain by a boar. Software from synaxis
be dope. Sensory overload scales up infrared lumin,
         4×1033 erg/sec (4×1026 watts), and overhauls
the gag. Solomon called his orations Chaldeack, calleth
         Hely, minutes earlier. Translocality has merit
as do quaint geotags. Next, spam enfilade tailed
by angelus novus. Go forward, block by block. Unfetter
our wunderkinds. Orb types line 213: iph->daddr = get_
random_ip() and queues pellitory gamers. “Don slashed
satins and sarcanets. Ball this fakery,” she quips,
but the gamers and busy tweaking their terahertz bats.   
         Artificial scalps are handed out. Velocity
becomes dromomania and curdy spume is lost. No
gauge is ora, ora pro nobis. Rather, pity. Tact’s spicy
lid invites Turing’s machine. In closing, zeugmas
pun on combat settings. The Imp was defunct.
Imps were perfunctory.


Daniel Y. Harris is the author of 11 collections of poetry and collaborative writing including The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (BlazeVOX, 2016), heshe egregore (with Irene Koronas, Éditions du Cygne, 2016), The Underworld of Lesser Degrees (NYQ Books, 2015), Esophagus Writ (with Rupert M. Loydell, The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2014) and Hyperlinks of Anxiety (Červená Barva Press, 2013) Some of his poetry, experimental writing, art, and essays have been published in BlazeVOX, The Café Irreal, Denver Quarterly, E·ratio, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, Kerem, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, In Posse Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review, Stride, Ygdrasil and Zeek. He is Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of X-Peri,

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