Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Meaning of Love by James Luchte

love meant or displayed 
itself for all time 
it became god with Jesus 
love meant something 
else to Jim Morrison
Or, is our history wrong?
Was Jesus instead the 
Master of the erotic 
orgy, a tantric Jesus? 
Carnal love for the chosen -  
platonic love for the masses... 
renunciation, hard work – 
privileges for these 
elite transgressors, 
excessive love, beyond 
this regime of control 
surveillance beyond mere 
hedonistic consumptions 
jolly shopping objectification 
we lay the ground for the 
perverse twist of commodity 
offerings here & there - its 
malignant offspring – 
rape torture sex slavery in  
cages - transported in this 
continuous flow reproduction 
of profitable, but exquisite  
cruelty - nothing is beyond  
these desires - preferences – 
amidst this dis-integration  
of terrestrial humanity 
suppressed, sublimated 
motifs, simulacrums 
of practices re-emerge 
into the light, necrophilia 
contends upon this stage 
of ultimate human rights 
cruel & unusual practices 
become the party games 
of that suburban middle 
Once upon a time the 
children are asleep 
an opening erupts into 
the darkness of the Night 
Sleep flies away from these  
awakening lights, a caste 
system, a racial corporate  
feudalism as remedy - anything 
but a respect for the truth 
despite the fact that love 
seldom conforms to these 
requirements of ethics 
or of the law - morality 
war is the alibi, a good 
war justifies any cause 
ethics, law, morality 
rapidly come on side 
love is this ritual 
sacrificial ecstasy 
annihilation joyous 
scintillation personal 
bodies, raptures of this 
flesh - sensuous existence  
resists nihilistic discipline 
should the taste of these juices  
that drip from her vagina matter 
in a ritual of love - in syllogisms  
of reason?  What matters?  What 
is love?  Are not these questions 
symptomatic of a distance from 
that which exists?  An orgasm 
is equivalent to a hundred text 
books & sexual middle man & women 
Love exists - it is a spiritual 
power - it is not a Thing, it 
cannot be a god - the latter 
is an artifact of an event 
love is - exists -
a flame burns low  
this machine rages 
silence before the name 
open awake respect 


James Luchte is a philosopher, author, and writer and activist. He is currently Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), School of Humanities in China. He is on the Board of Advisers of the Nietzsche Circle, a global philosophical community, based in New York. His books include; Mortal Thought: Hölderlin and Philosophy (Bloomsbury, 2010), Marx and the Revolution of the Sacred (Free Online or Kindle, Fire & Ice Publishing, 2014), Whispers of a Forgotten Nation – The Writings of Dr D. Ceri Evans (Editor, 2014), Of the Feral Children: A Mayan Farce (Fire & Ice Publishing, 2012), Early Greek Though: Before the Dawn (Bloomsbury, 2011), The Peacock and the Buffalo: The Poetry of Nietzsche (Bloomsbury, 2010), Pythagoras and the Doctrine of Transmigration: Wandering Souls (Bloomsbury, 2009), Heidegger’s Early Philosophy: The Phenomenology of Ecstatic Temporality (Bloomsbury, 2008), Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Before Sunrise (Bloomsbury, 2008), Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (Bloomsbury, 2007). For a closer look at his books, please visit his author’s page at Bloomsbury or Amazon. He has also written more than two dozen articles on various topics in philosophy, most of which are available on James Luchte: Philosophy. His poetry has been published by various journals, such as Panic! Poetry and Arts, Lampeter Review, The Iranian, Living Poets, and has been published in translation in China.

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