Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Excerpts from Carnal Flux and Sensory Slaughters by Younisos

Sensorial panic in the Medina

I did not meet any confirmed centipede in Tangier. My beast is the atrocious sweetness, pieces of female meat crawling all over my decaying walls. — A huge white bull jumped out of Café Fuentes balcony and landed on a busty ginger girl at the terrace of Café Central, crushing her delicate flesh and her shitty panini… The waiter, old sticky prick, licked the redhead's glowing lymph on the pavement, he swallowed his own ugly smile, and I turned off the show. — Drowsing in front of the facade that pukes dirty sunshine through my wide window, I wake up with sunny knives ransacking my neck. Bloody Danaé licks my bewildered dick while I'm cutting up the light. Murder blooms in the synapses of the sun. Carnal rapture is a spit on the white stellar massacre… diaphanous streams of cum streaking the Milky Way's ass.

Big pale boobs kill

The bright obviousness of a big pale breast brings up excess in obviousness itself.
We're done with books. Double dish of peas and the killing joy squirting through radioactive brains. I'm a carrion, more or less. Busty scarlet woman is the killer. Deadly bright tits destroy all rational thought (Bill just screwed the ginger boy). Sodomy is the tight blank fullness of silence. Big Bone is masterminding the next great aesthetic Butchery. Danaé will terrorise the keyboard and the verb. Her pale blinding boobs are cutting up human software. I'll sit and let carnal light break up heavens. The writer eats the blade as he can when mad sun shows up with silver giant dildos and tiny blank skirts.


... fill me with meat
squirt on my voracious bowels
shove your tits into the muteness
                                                        my ramshackle throat

cut me up
               swallow my bony verses
                                                   glorious sun is beneath my balls

Self-portrait by Younisos

Bio :

Younisos writes what he calls "carnal experimental poetry". He is the author of Carnage Sensitif, in French; and is now looking for a publisher for his new book in English: Carnal Flux and Sensory Slaughters. He lives in Tangier. https://younisos.wordpress.com

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