Sunday, 17 September 2017

there is something sexual in murder by Aad de Gids

what would one write at the end of the week, hypothetical and chronological
entity which we invented around work, economy, societal regulatives more in
the postVictorian sense of duties, sin, restraint, all those artificial labels we
thought really existed: prudence, utopia, religious orgasmic sensations and all

as this bullshit has slowly and quickly corroded in the 20th and 21th centuries
we sit in the post 9/11, postFukushima, postIrma and postHarvey, postISIS/ing,
and we hope post all those bombbelted motherfuckers and their medievalist
hyperreligious heritage and the syphilitic toddler kimJongUn soon to B V/X'd

these things then play at the background of the mind during such fleeting week
accidentally woven in with unbelievably hefty family business that made that I
slept 18 hours for the whole week. while the post intervertebral injection starts
to show first signs of numbnesspain in my foot again very discourageing this

now I am not a pessimist but also do not believe in total healing when walking
with the hernia for ten years. some complaints simply doesn't go away and as
we're all houses for various syndromologies we must abide, it is karma and I
am not the center of the universe: we keep our life small and high on perfume

(ambrosia) expectations shall be shattered but were probably projections of the
own soulconflict to begin with. in unraveling this noeud we do the living this,
is the hard part. "there is something sexual in murder" Jenny Holzer alighted
hi in neon and undoubtedly we meet events of parting and it hurts, elevating us

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