Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Excerpts from declivities by Irene Koronas


quivers in crustacean

carapace made
from coppelia mittel-europa

effigy pranks
agitate yes

hook helixes

in skinny

confer list

1.    press propriety
2.    anal index sex
3.    deflex to aesthetics
4.    commodify didactic info
5.    indent block numbers
6.    build code quantity
7.    catalogue rarefied space
8.    fidelity fact systems
9.    thematized murals
10. plaque 7% or less
11. asparagus association
12. easel politics
13. two million tweekers
14. corporate collectors
15. pigment demand


ci git au milieu de l’eglise

elocution snaps
a planar aim

mono mono
raffish sim

stout needs
poussin taffeta 

in fetlock silk

suedes an ouch


Irene Koronas is the author of 9 collections of poetry and collaborative writing including ninth iota (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, forthcoming 2017), Codify (Éditions du Cygne, 2017), heshe egregore (with Daniel Y. Harris, Éditions du Cygne, 2016), Turtle Grass (Muddy River Books, 2014) and Emily Dickinson (Propaganda Press, 2010). Some of her poetry, experimental writing and visual arts have been published in Clarion, Counterexample Poetics, Divine Dirt, E·ratio, experiential-experimental-literature, The Licentiam, Lynx, Lummox, Of\with, Pop Art, Right Hand Pointing, Presa, The Seventh Quarry Magazine, Spreadhead, Stride and The Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art. She is an internationally acclaimed visual and digital artist, having exhibited her visual art at the Tokyo Art Museum Japan, the Henri IV Gallery, the Ponce Art Gallery, Gallery at Bentley College and the M & M Gallery. She is the Managing Editor and Co-Founder of X-Peri and Co-Director of the X-Peri Series.

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