Thursday, 12 October 2017

Night Stirred A Dream Into Infinity by Nathan Spoon

at the talon           belltrace
          the tactile          abyss          wards

of rustplants          the spelled drift
malice          twisting out          falltimes
          our hourhorns

of hiccup          lusters
          ex machina          smelling with

nailleaves          with eruption
          coiling          in tonnage          and belts


scissor loft.
a mild coathap
in honeycomb lax
bleeding across pines
of greater merriment of.
.fogged and lionishly walkstep
into the scrapescape          off to.
                          and          cc meme
r o t t e n f o o t f a l l s h i e l d f a n s.

 t p
s e x t
  a p p


past paste
of elsewide

Nathan Spoon is the author of Doomsday Bunker (Éditions du Cygne, X-Peri Series, 2017) and My Name is Gretchen Merryweather (hardPressed poetry, 2017). His publications include Oxford Poetry, Mantis, Hotel Amerika, Reflections (Yale Divinity School), Spacecraftproject, From the Lighthouse, NPR’s, Zócalo Public Square and the anthology What Have You Lost? (HarperCollins). He is Associate Editor of X-Peri and a 2017 faculty member for seminars at the University of Pennsylvania and the ALSCW Conference.

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